Mawa - Recommended by Better Homes & Garden –

Mawa - Recommended by Better Homes & Garden


These hangers are definitely an investment, but if you’re looking for ones that won’t snap with even the lightest of clothes, these are the way to go. Made from beechwood, these hangers offer sleek lines, crease-free shapes, and durable swivel hooks suitable for any type of clothing. The brand has gone through a thorough review from the Forest Stewardship Council to ensure its wood comes from forests that offer environmental, social, and economic benefits. 

The Essential Starter Kit comes with 10 coat hangers and trouser bars, five classic shirt hangers, five skirt hangers, and five pant hangers. They are just the right level of curved so you won’t get any unwanted shoulder bumps on the garments after hours or days of hanging. With that said, they are pretty thick, so if you’re looking for space-saving clothes hangers, these aren’t the ones for you.