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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between your standard width hanger and the ultra thin?

  • MAWA is so pleased to offer you so many different styles, colors and widths. So why not the debth of the hanger itself. MAWA's standard hangers measure 3/8 of an inch.
  • MAWA's Ultra thin are a hanger of beauty. Not only do you benefit from their features and shapes but they are only 1/8 of an inch thick. They are able to hold up to 5-8 lbs. Talk about mighty strength. Forget all about plastic hangers and give MAWA a try.

Is the material used to cover the hangers safe for my cloths?

  • MAWA is really proud to provide a safe coating that is both reliable and safe. You can see the details about our dedication to quality in materials and safety under our company information. In general the cost is a PVC coating that is safe for you, your clothes and our environment.

How long can I expect for these hangers to last?

  • There is not exact time limit but these hangers are the highest quality hanger available in the world and the original". With care they should last so long you will forget when you bought them. MAWA lasts

Is it safe to dry my cloths on these hangers? Will they loose their grip?

  • Yes you can dry your clothes on the hangers, no problem. Unlike other brands that use felt on plastic, MAWA's grip coating will allow you to dry your wet clothes directly on them. The hangers will never loose their grip.

How can I clean my hangers?

  • You can use any damp cloth that you want to use or even cleaning wipes if you like.

Why so many different sizes of hangers?

  • Our clothes are so different just within our own closets let alone compare our clothing sizes & shapes with our friends and family. It's important to get the right size for you so that you maintain your clothing properly. If your clothing could choose, it would choose MAWA.

What makes the MAWA clips unique vs their competitors?

  • With MAWA it all starts and ends with Quality. First of all, not all clips are the same. Some are so loose that our pants come un-cliped in our closets. Some brands can only one one item. Some are hard to open, or leave marks on your clothing. There are plenty of brands that are shiny but if you look inside the clips they have no strength and are made with poor materials.
  • MAWA's patented clips come with a 5 coil strength. Just try one of our clips and you will see and feel the difference. Our German steel and easy grip/pinch molding fit in your hands perfectly. MAWA is also the only manufacturer how always makes sure your clips are in the right position every time but not allowing them to spin around. Give them a trying any of our hangers or single clips. You will be sold!

Do these make good gifts?

  • Yep! They are great for anyone who loves to organize. They make great gifts for a bride & groom or someone in their first home. With all the color choices you can customize the look to fit the person you have in mind.

Does the number of clothing racks in my closet effect my hanger choices?

  • Sometimes. There are so many different sizes of closets. What we can suggest is our single pant hangers for closets that have parallel hanging bar. Our single pant hangers, hang higher to the bar itself which means your pants will not be hanging on the clothing bar below.

Can these hangers but used in other places other then the home?

  •  The home is a great place for MAWA but you can also use them while your traveling. Try the ulta thin in your suitcase. There are tons of small areas that benefit from MAWA hangers like campers, RV's Boats and more!


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