About MAWA

As early as 1948, Martin Wagner thought about how to optimize the storage of clothing. Starting with the trouser hanger, MAWA has since released countless innovations that helped perfect the organization of clothing and adressed the fashion trends of the past decades. This has included a number of patents like the anti-slip coating or the unique MAWA clips: MAWA - often copied, never matched. The production of metal hangers is traditionally Made in Germany. In MAWA's headquaters in Pfaffenhofen, designers, engineers, suppliers and sales staff work closely together. MAWA's own machinery allows great flexibility and a fast production turn around. The high standards of the MAWA brand shape the entire company. When it comes to production MAWA pays close attention to important environmental standards such as the recyclability of materials and a low water consumption. MAWA hangers are free from heavy metals and plasticizer that could wander from the hanger to the customers skin. For these efforts and the associated responsibility, MAWA has been nominated and awarded by the Oskar Patzelt Foundation several times. However, MAWA's focus remains on the customer. With expertise, innovation and a large product range MAWA makes purchasing decisions easy. Not only Germans appreciate this knowledge. MAWA delivers "Made in Germany" to 58 countries in Europe, Asia and the USA.

MAWA - The Quality

  • Free from toxic or dangerous additives (SKIN friendly, ECO friendly)
  • Reliable product quality
  • Perfect functionality with hooks, clips and shoulder pads
  • Hangers for all types of clothing
  • Functional design for every individual lifestyle
  • Suitable sizes for women's and men's clothing
  • Hanger guide
  • Product warranty

    MAWA - The Difference

    • MAWA steel from Germany with best material properties
    • MAWA hangers will help you keep clothes' shape
    • MAWA coat hangers are coated with a non-slip coating
    • MAWA hangers are sturdy and durable
    • MAWA hangers save space
    • MAWA hangers have twistable hooks
    • MAWA hangers use clips that last

    Once MAWA, always MAWA

    Mawa GmbH has been producing metal hangers for over 60 years in Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm. It all started with Martin Wagner in 1948, a Swabian inventor who invented the trouser hanger and immediately patented it.
    Since then we have been working continuously on perfecting the hanger.
    After the trouser hanger, the skirt hanger entered the market. The twistable hooks of the MAWA hangers are being help in a thread that stands the test of time. MAWA clips are versatile and highly resilient. With its anti-slip coating, MAWA has found a solution that keeps clothing on the hanger, crease and wrinkle-free.

    The customer and his needs are our focus. You will be reminded by this ethos every day when using MAWA hangers. Our customers appreciate this worldwide: MAWA supplies more than 50 countries.

    We are happy to receive further suggestions and requests: info@restonlloyd.com

    Be clever,
    take care of your clothes
    and save space
    with MAWA hangers.