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75 Years of MAWA means 75 Years of Future

On the occasion of our 75th birthday in 2023, we would like to let the people who have made MAWA what it is today speak - and that is you, our partners, our employees and our companions!

To summarize: this year we will tell the 75-year MAWA love story. You will hear employee stories and partner stories that will touch, captivate, amaze or simply make you smile. You will get to know MAWA again and get a look behind the scenes. In Germany, the proverb "chat from the sewing box" is often used for this - honest, genuine and authentic.

Our first story lets us shed historically more light on a very drastic point. MAWA's insolvency in 2005. Plagiarism. Cheap instead of good. The successors of the founders, Martin and Ida Wagner, cannot find a suitable answer and file on for bankruptcy. In 2007 Michaela Schenk took over the company. As a mother, an idealist and with full lady power, she re-energizes MAWA. And with this fire, it was finally possible to push the cheap Chinese copies out of the market and even establish China as one of the largest sales markets for MAWA. On this trip we were able to win a very special partner for us, whose almost unbelievable story we would like to bring you closer to today....

"FOR ME MAWA IS A PEACOCK" Shawn Huang, MAWA partner China

ONCE UPON A TIME THERE WAS AN IT CONSULTANT who had a Chinese wife who in turn had contacts in China who bought the hangers from us, and showed them to Mr Shawn Huang, who has been a fabulous customer ever since.

Shawn, what was your best experience with MAWA?

I remember it exactly, it was with Michaela. She invited me to her house for dinner, in Pfaffenhofen. We were sitting on her terrace, a friend was barbecuing steaks, and we were looking at the garden and the sky. It was very relaxed and chilled out. No star restaurant could have been nicer.

Michaela Schenk: I agree! You also invited me to your home, which was wonderful! The whole table was full of traditional Chinese dishes, prepared by your wife.

How did your business relationship begin?

In the office in Pfaffenhofen we first had a very cheerful chat. Then Michaela showed me the production at MAWA, but also gave me an insight into German culture. This openness and trust was an important foundation. And it also shows that we can rely on MAWA.

What is the difference between German and Chinese products? –

–‘Made in Germany’ – that is simply better quality, perfect design. By the way, this is also in contrast to many other brands. The brand was not yet known on the Chinese market, so we needed some time. At the beginning of our cooperation, we hardly had any orders online. Today, we have achieved awareness and many orders, and we are consistently working on market penetration. Because with the economic development in China, incomes are rising and so are the expectations of quality. That is also good for us.

What do you appreciate about MAWA products? –

I highly recommend MAWA to my friends and get very positive feedback. Quality, colours, design, even the elegance – that's what sets them apart from others. The anti-slip coating is great, as is the fact that the hangers save space. I also really appreciate the special heart-shaped hanger, for example for scarves. I like to tell the customers that this is produced in Germany, even in Bavaria – that's very traditionally German.

What is traditionally German for you? –

I always think of ‘Sisi’ – and the actress Romy Schneider, who for me was the most beautiful woman in the West (smiles).

If MAWA were an animal, what would it be? –

A peacock – colorful and diverse Shawn Huang is a quite wonderful example of how the highest professionalism and clarity are often underpinned by a friendly and confident smile.

Thank you for your MAWA love story, Shawn! <3