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Zoom Wooden Hanger, Flat Form Shirt Hanger, Black


Our MAWA design coat hanger ZOOM for a flower power feeling in the closet

Discover the perfect combination of quality, functionality, and sustainability with our FSC-certified wooden hangers including a 360 ° rotatable hook.

It's the time when Scott McKenzie sang of San Francisco and the Beach Boys raved about Barbara Ann and Surfin 'USA. The new ZOOM series from MAWA picks up on the big fashion trend back to the 1970s and tells the story of the new attitude towards life of an entire generation. The clothes hangers of the new ZOOM series are made of high-quality wood and have a shape with a particularly high shaft and colors that exude pure joie de vivre. The coat hangers of the ZOOM series are perfectly constructed, are stable, lie comfortably in the hand, and carry not only all types of outerwear but also heavier coats with ease. The MAWA design coat hangers ZOOM - for a feeling of easy living and carefree.

Thanks to the same hanging height of all our hangers, you always have a uniform look in your wardrobe.


  • HOOK
- 2" Hook Opening
- .4mm Heavy Metal without ball end
- 360 Degree Rotation
- Black
- Made of Beech Wood
- Flat Form Frame
- Collar Support
-17¼ "L x 10"H x .38"W