ECO C-Cycle Shirt Profi/42 Hanger, Sand –

ECO C-Cycle Shirt Profi/42 Hanger, Sand


# NewSustainable -  clothes hangers for wardrobe and closet

Our new MAWA C-Cycle not only impresses with its unique design, our new gems are also particularly good for the environment!

In the manufacture of the MAWA C-Cycle, renewable raw materials are used, which form a closed CO2 cycle. When they are used, they only release as much CO2 as they absorb during their growth phase.

But our MAWA C-Cycle not only convinces with its innovative material, its shape makes it perfect for all types of outerwear. It is light and yet stable, which is why it can be used not only for sweaters and blouses but also for heavier jackets and coats. Last but not least, our new addition convinces with a natural and unique look and can be easily combined with wooden and metal temples. 

To celebrate our 75th anniversary and the motto "75 years of future" we offer our most popular clothes hangers 2023 in the new trend color stone grey. We combine hangers in three sustainable materials: wood, metal and ECO. 


  • 15¾"L x 8.75"H x .3" W (Standard)
  • Rotating Hook (key area for inexpensive hangers to break)
  • Collar Stabilizing Shape
  • Space Saving (Up to 30% savings compared to others)
  • Use For: Dresses, pullovers, light jackets, and more
  • Proudly made in Germany