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Hanger type

Which type are you?

I have everything under control

They are busy organizing your family and above all they need order and more wardrobe space. You always have the overview and are well organized. This also applies to your wardrobe.

We recommend: MAWA KH, Silhouette F, Bodyform L, Bodyform LK

I like doing sports

Sports and fitness are part of your life as the air for breathing. You are just as fit in your job as in your free time. And they appreciate hangers that also keep your sportswear in perfect shape.

We recommend: Clip K / D, Economic P, Economic U, Economic PK


I have my own trends

You go your own way and listen to your stomach. Trends from fashion magazines you see only as suggestions. Real style has to be individual for you. Individual must also be your hangers.

We recommend: MAWA Silhouette

I am demanding

Your everyday life is clocked through. They go from one meeting to another. You are successful. You are your "wife". They do a lot. And you expect that from other people as well. Your hangers must be able to keep up with your life.

We recommend: Business, Business RE RFS, Business K, Panta 1