MAWA - KH/2 Double Pant Hanger
MAWA - KH/2 Double Pant Hanger

MAWA - KH/2 Double Pant Hanger

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This trouser hanger will not put folds or creases in your pants regardless of the material. The modern Shape allows you to see the item while hung. And with all MAWA hangers, they will hang at the same height as all other models creating a uniform look. With MAWA's eco-friendly non-slip coating will keep your linen pants from sliding off and is safe for all cloth materials. You will truly see the difference when you notice there are no clothes on your floor that need rehung. Don't be fooled by a China knockoff, get quality German craftsmanship which will last. If your clothes could choose a hanger, they would choose MAWA.


  • 13"L x 7"H x .3" W
  • Steel Construction/ Holds up to 8 lbs.
  • Gives you a visually pleasing and easy to view pant organization
  • Grip Coating (Earth & Skin Friendly)
  • Shiny Black Color (Give your Closet a Uniformed Look)
  • Space Saving (Up to 30% savings compared to others)
  • Use For: Pants, Skirts, and more
  • Proudly Made in Germany
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