MAWA - Superclip K40/DG
MAWA - Superclip K40/DG
MAWA - Superclip K40/DG

MAWA - Superclip K40/DG

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This is not your ordinary skirt/pant hanger. We are sure you have experienced clips that break, or fail to hold on to your cloths. These strong clips are easier to operate and have 30-percent more holding power than regular clips, with 5-coil torsion springs and nonslip coating.  Our clamps have been described as tenacious, because they never let any clothing slip. Each hanger have protective end caps to ensure your clips cannot be pulled off the bar. This clip hanger can hold up to 8 pounds to don't be shy, start getting your closet organized.


  • 15¾"L x .3" D
  • Steel Construction/ Holds up to 8 lbs.
  • Patented Rotating Hook (key area for inexpensive hangers to break)
  • Grip Coating on Clips (Earth & Skin Friendly)
  • Two Extra Large Clips Measure 2.75"H x .8"W
  • Move clips from left to right allowing you to adjust
  • Protective End Caps
  • Tight Hold without leaving pressure marks
  • Space Saving (Up to 30% savings compared to others)
  • Use For: Pants, Skirts, and more
  • Proudly Made in Germany

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