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MAWA Sweetheart

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MAWA Sweetheart: there's love in your closet 

The MAWA Sweetheart hanger is useful for almost every accessory you like. The bright red, heart-shaped hanger is specially developed to store your belts, necklaces, scarves and other accessories by hand. p>  

The finished ends of the hanger can be easily opened and store your favorite accessories, they are space-saving and functional in the closet. The anti-slip coating is naturally ECOfriendly, which means that it is free of phthalate and other toxins. p>  

Because of that, Sweetheart fits perfectly into MAWA " He and She ", a series of design specially created for the aesthetic needs of men and women. The surprising design and intelligent functionality let your heart beat faster and make even the laziest feel like getting up. 

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