MAWA buttler nr2

MAWA buttler nr2

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MAWA Beau Model 2: a new idea

This model has the following measurements: 107 cm (height) x 43 cm (width) x 35 cm (depth)     What do you do with a shirt you were wearing once, but you do not have to put it on to wash yet? Or a jacket that he just put on? Hang it in the closet? Never! Explore the unique benefits of the MAWA Model 2 rower. Folding, it is the perfect ventilation solution for T-shirts, jackets or other light garments. It is easy to use and light. The Mawa Model 2 of MAWA is made of high quality beech wood and has a fixed hook. After use, simply fold it and place it or hang it in your closet. MAWA Model 2 Rooster - indispensable for aerating.

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