MAWA - Mawa HE Hanger
MAWA - Mawa HE Hanger

MAWA - Mawa HE Hanger

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MAWA HE hanger with wide shoulder straps - ideal for the male wardrobe

The MAWA HE with wide shoulder straps is the perfect hanger for men for all the upper parts of the wardrobe, whether for shirts, jackets, coats or jackets. The pronounced shape of the neck and integrated shoulder supports keep all fabrics and materials in the best shape and without wrinkles. Save yourself time and nerves and forget about the annoying ironing. These hangers are visually and functionally simply distinctive, masculine and well thought out. They are made of high quality steel and extremely durable, and are, of course, completely covered with our anti-slip rubber. Take advantage of the space saving effect, which can be up to 40 percent in your closet. The MAWA HE series meets the special needs of a men's wardrobe, simple and elegant, functional and durable.

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