Our Contribution To Your Health and Our Environment


SKIN friendly
A temple that not only thinks of your clothes.
It's also about your skin.

MAWA temples can do more. They not only bring your clothes into shape and make space in the wardrobe, they also contribute to your health. We are the only company in Germany to produce hangers without toxins. We give you the good feeling that no harmful substances are transmitted to your skin.


ECO friendly
A temple that not only thinks of your clothes
but also of your environment .

MAWA is aware of its responsibility. Our production meets the strictest ecological criteria. We do not use plasticizers harmful to health, such as phthalates, or heavy metals, such as lead, cadmium or mercury, as confirmed by the independent institute LGA. The MAWA production facilities are particularly economical in terms of water consumption. Waste materials are processed into pellets and recycled. Our production is our contribution to your environment.


FSC certificate
A temple that not only thinks of your clothes
but also of your future .

Almost all MAWA wooden hangers bear the European FSC certificate for environmental compatibility. The certificate ensures that the wood comes from sustainable controlled forestry cultivation. We make sure that your hangers, biodiversity, productivity and ecological processes of the local forests are preserved. We pay attention to the livelihoods of future generations.

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A temple that does not just think about your clothes.
But also about your location.

For over 60 years, MAWA has been producing all metal hangers exclusively in Germany. The quality and stability, the original "Made in Germany" .